Capt. Richard
   Hello, I'm Captain Richard Nutter. Let me tell you a little about myself and my extensive fishing history. I am a true Florida native, Born in the center of the state but raised from age four in the Keys. I could tie fishing knots about the same time I learned to tie my shoes!

   We moved to Sarasota  about high school age and I continued fishing, learning these waters. I've been fishing here for almost 40 years, both in the bays and the Gulf of Mexico. I started guiding in the '70's out of a little fish camp . Uncle Bob's, where you would rent a boat equipped with a life jacket, anchor, and me,(ha ha) those were the days.The majority of our clients were families and I discovered back then that I really enioy teaching children an people to fish.

Even though the camp, was torn down years ago, I never stopped guiding friends and out-of-towners in these waters. That's when I made my guide status legal and got certified by the United States Coast Guard as licensed Captain.
   In the 80's to mid-90's I was a tournament fanatic placing in the winner circle 90% of the time. Once you get bitten by the competitive fishing bug, it's hard to shake. My team and I fished all over Florida and became well respected for our ability to consistently catch trophy fish. I decided that building my charter fishing business was more important than fishing the tournaments, so I called it quits.
   In the past five years I have been fortunate enough to be hired to captain a 65 an a 40 foot sportfishing vessel based here in Sarasota for northern owners. This is a sideline to my charter business but it keeps me current on the latest fishing electronics and safety equipment. With state of the-art-fish finders, I am constantly updating my inventory of hot fishing spots to take customers.

   Today I run a successful Florida fishing charter business providing a variety of both in-shore and deep sea fishing services. Every time I go out with my clients, the thrill and excitement of fishing overwhelms me. This is not a job to me - it's my life!